REMINDER:  Have you moved recently?  Got a new cell phone number?  Update the hall with your new contact information.  Have you recently  been married? divorced?  had a new baby?  adopted a child? Be sure to update your beneficiary cards with the hall.  When in doubt, fill out new forms.

Check your mailbox, the last of the new UA membership cards and the dues cards have been mailed.


The National Pension Fund does NOT withhold state taxes from your pension.  You are responsible for arranging how and when to withhold and pay your state taxes.  Please contact your accountant or other financial adviser if you have questions regarding this matter. 

If you have questions or need to make changes to your federal withholdings, the National Pension Fund can be reached at 1-800-638-7442.


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Applications for the New England Mechanical Contractors  Association scholarship are available at the hall or by clicking here.

High school and college students are eligible to apply.    

Warehouse space available for rent.  Call 508-835-1150 for details.

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Hot Work Certification Training


Effective July 1, 2018, any individual performing Hot Work must successfully complete Hot Work Certification Training as outlined in the revisions to 527 CMR 1.00 ch. 41.7.  To certify you can go online to, click on Training & Events.  Search by topic Hot Work on the left side for more information.​

Medical Gas

A Med Gas course has been scheduled for the following dates:

          Tues. January 28, and Wed. January 29, 4-8 PM;

          Sat. February 1, 7 AM-1 PM;

          Tues. February 4, Wed. February 5, Mon. February 10, and Tues.              February 11 from 4-8 PM. 

          TEST is February 19 at 4 PM.

Attendance is mandatory for all classes.  Call the hall to sign up, but a check made out to Local 4 for $116 must be received NO LATER THAN January 21st in order for your spot to be reserved.  Tests must be ordered well in advance of the classes, therefore no last minute signups will be permitted.  

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